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The firm represents mentally and physically disabled/handicapped individuals seeking to safe, affordable accessible housing. These cases are typically handled with co-counsel and on a contingency fee basis.

Individuals living with a disability or handicap have the right to have the full use and enjoyment of their home.  Under the Fair Housing Act, persons who are disabled or handicapped may be granted exceptions to certain rules that will allow them full use and enjoyment of their home. For example, a person whose disability prevent them from walking long distances, but who is not completely confined to a wheelchair may be allowed to have an assigned parking space very close to their apartment, or a person who relies upon a service animal to navigate their home should be allowed to live in a housing complex that normally does not allow pets.  In some instances, the handicapped or disabled tenant may ask that the landlord build a structure that would allow them easier access to their home such as wheelchair ramp.  In some instances the ramp will be purchased and paid for by the tenant and in others the landlord will be required to pay these expenses.

It is good practice for a person who is seeking a reasonable accommodation, to do so in writing.  A very simple reasonable accommodation request from is available from the Intermountain Fair Housing Counsel.

Intermountain Fair Housing Concil: (208) 383-0695

350 N. 9th St., Suite M 200, Boise, Idaho 83702.