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To set an appointment, please send us an email with the following information:


Tell us: 

1) Your name.

2) Your telephone number.

3) The best time to reach you.

4) If you are calling to set an appointment for somebody other than yourself, the full name of that person.

5) If you would like the appointment by telephone or in person.

6)  The date that you last conslted with us (if any).


If you know, it is helpful to provide a few sentences that describe the type of case you have, such as:

  • Family-sponsored Immigration
  • Criminal-Immigration Issues
  • Immigration Detention & Bond
  • Employment-based Immigration
  • Criminal, State or Federal Court 
  • Employer Immigration Obligations
  • Housing Discrimination or Retaliation
  • Unpaid Wages, Employment Discrimination or Retaliation


All Immigration Appointments are one hour with an attorney, and require a fee. Andrade Legal accepts cash, checks, and credit cards. 

Two choices for appointments: ** walk ins are suspended for the Boise, Idaho office untnil further notice.**

*Saturday walk-in appointments in the Ontario, Oregon office ONLY.  Saturdays potential clients are welcome to simply walk in to the office between 8:30 and noon to meet with an attorney that day.  Individuals are seen on a first come - first served basis and there are only three spots available each Saturday.  

The Ontario office is located at 65 SW 2nd Ave, right across the street from the Post Office.  The phone number is (541) 889-0973.  

Fee = $100, due on the date you see the attorney.

*Scheduled appointmets.  If you prefer to speak with a particular attorney, or are not interested in the Ontario walk-in appointment, you may call the receptionsit and schedule an appointment.  Most appointments can be accommodated within 1 week or less.  

The Boise office is located at 3775 Cassia Street (at Latah St.).  The phone number is (208) 342-5100.  

Fee = $250 to meet with Maria E. Andrade;  $200 to meet with Laurie Dinius Perez or Chris Christensen, $150 to meet with Benjamin Stein or Christine Meeuwsen.  Payment is required to reserve appointment. 

*Emergency appointments. If you need an immediate (24 hours or less) appointment, please advise the receptionsit.  If possible, send or bring any relevant documents to the office so our staff can evaluate the nature of the emergency.  The receptionist will consult with the available attorneys and immediately advise you if an emergency appoinment is available.

Fee = $300 up to $600 if a jail or home visit is required. The fee is due when the appointment is reserved.

What to Bring to Your Appointment: Cases are very fact-specific so the more information we have, the more we are likely to get out of your time with the attorney.  Please bring all immigration paperwork that you have filed, a family member filed, received from any immigration official or court.  If you have a passport, bring it with you as well as any papers that have been placed in your passport by immigration officials.  If applicable, bring all criminal offense documents related to the offense. If you do not have documents, you can go to the court where your case was filed and ask for copies.  If you are seeking an employment benefit through your employer, it is helpful if the employer is available by telephone at the time of the appointment.